‘The aesthetic is celebratory, triumphant and beautifully naff… every design decision is justified and astute. Bushe is almost trapped within a jungle of inflated (erect?) balloons, an overhead projector is used superbly to simultaneously educate and entertain during one of the performance’s setpieces and even the pop-up tent looks indisputably vaginal.’ Arthur Jones  Arthur’s Seat   ‘Lizzy Leech’s set design is gorgeous: the immediate impression upon entering The Pit was of walking into a sugary pop music video.’   Upper Circle Theatre   ‘Bushe also injects the piece with her own distinct brand of humour, from dolphin gags to talking vaginas. The DIY charm of the glitter curtains and overhead projector belies the sophistication of the show’s construction, which makes serious points using silly means. This is perhaps clearest in the songs, which combine knowing absurdity with smart and audacious rhymes.’ Catherine Love  The Guardian
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